480 Serving Freeze Dried Vegetables & Sauces

Wise Food Storage

$ 499.99 $ 518.99

This assortment of freeze dried vegetables is a great option for your long-term food supply!  Each individual packet of vegetable can be mixed and matched with long-term gourmet butter, cheese, mushroom, and cream sauces.  This approach will not only increase the overall taste, but also the calorie and nutritional content as well!  This Wise Company package has up to a 25 year shelf life, and is perfect for any type of emergency and everyday use.  

Servings included in this package:

Corn (96 Servings)

Peas (64 Servings)

Broccoli (96 Servings)

Green Beans (96 Servings)

Mushroom Sauce (32 Servings)

Cheese Sauce (32 Servings)

Cream Sauce (32 Servings)

Butter Sauce (32 Servings)

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