Top 5 Best Bivy Sacks & Bags On Amazon

Natural Disaster Survival Kit: 3 Key Questions You Must Ask

In college I stayed in Tornado Alley. Currently I live in the mid-Atlantic area where cyclones come every summer season.

Waxed Jute Fatwood Matches: An Unbeatable Combination

A waxed hemp fatwood suit is a natural alternative to the BIC lighter. It’s more reliable than using a bow drill.

Wetfire Tinder: Should You Include This In Your Firemaking Kit?

Are you a fire making noob? When you start a campfire, do you hold a suit to a 3 inch thick branch and also wish it captures fire?

The Best Survival Kit Fire Starting Tool

Have you ever attempted to start a fire under water? A few weeks ago I was trying to obtain a fire started in the rain.

The Lowly Peanut Lighter: The Smallest And Lightest Firestarter Yet

What is a Peanut Lighter? A peanut lighter is a small water resistant lighter that you can purchase for under $5.

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